CM Punk Could Return For WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Or Payback PPV In Chicago?

Could CM Punk’s WWE return happen during Extreme Rules 2014 over this weekend? Or could his eventual return be scripted for another major WWE Network PPV event like Payback… which just happens to be in Chicago.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a leaked script for Monday Night RAW listed both CM Punk and AJ Lee as “injured,” with their return officially going to be determined in the future. Some say if Punk does return it will be alongside AJ Lee in June, after she returns from her officially sanctioned break from the WWE Divas.

There’s been a lot of speculation over whether or not the whole thing was scripted, and even Paul Heyman says only three men know the truth, and they aren’t talking. We do know that Punk walked out right after Royal Rumble, and that he talked to Triple H and Vince McMahon, but while the standard story is that he was angry over Dave Batista being scripted for the win, others speculate that Punk may have hurt old injuries when Kane put him through a table:

There’s also been a difference of opinion on when or if CM Punk’s WWE return might happen, assuming it ever does. For example, Steve Austin was adamant that WrestleMania 30 would be the big moment, and although there were some Philip Brooks sightings from wrestling fans neither hide nor hoodie was ever spotted anywhere near the ring. Kevin Nash, on the other hand, believes Punk’s injuries from years of wrestling is a large factor in why he quit, and also why he won’t come back.

Whatever the case, the conventional wisdom is that CM Punk’s return will happen during a WWE Network PPV event, but that only leaves only several events until his contract supposedly runs out. Earlier this week, Bill Graham claimed CM Punk’s return will occur at SummerSlam 2014. So far no one is mentioning the WWE Extreme Rules 2014 as a possibility, and Money In The Bank seems kind of late, but others feel that if it’s going to happen the WWE Payback event in Chicago would be the perfect setting.

It just makes sense since it’s close to AJ Lee’s return, it gives more time for injuries to heal, that’s right before when CM Punk’s WWE contract would need to be renewed, and it also sets it up as CM Punk gets his payback in Chicago. We may even get treated to another street like the 2012 match against Chris Jericho, which was also in Chicago, where even Phil’s sister got in on the action by slapping Jericho.

CM Punk Sightings

So, enough of the rumor mongering. Here’s what we do know for certain. Phil showed up to support Holy Trinity High school’s baseball team by delivering a pep talk, which some consider odd since he’s an atheist. His Twitter account has been inactive except for a retweet of kids dressed up as him. Phil and AJ Lee were spotted at a Chicago Blackhawks game and some people claim the WWE website edited Phil out of an photo from the 2013 SummerSlam.

Is it any wonder why everyone prefers rumors to the known facts? In any case, to finish up the CM Punk news roundup, we also have former WWE creative writer Chris DeJoseph saying CM Punk is “gone… for now.” Drew McIntyre was also asked the same question about both Punk and Sting, and the short version is that he doesn’t know, but he also admits that “you can never tell what’s going to happen in sports entertainment.”

3 years ago..when CM Punk won the WWE Championship.

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Do you think either the WWE Extreme Rules 2014 or the Payback event in June will feature CM Punk’s return?

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