Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: Disney Releases Full Ride-Through Video Featuring Snow White And Her Seven Dwarfs [Video]

Disney’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction is bringing the love back to the classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs tale. According to an earlier report by The Inquisitr, the new attraction is located in Disney’s Fantasyland within the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, and may just be the most anticipated ride in the new extension. Disney has since released a video from the rider’s point of view so fans and park guests can get a feel for what is to come!

According to Fox News, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride has taken four years to complete and is an attraction for the whole family. The ride reportedly takes park guests around twists, turns, and drops while telling the story of Snow White from the perspective of the adorable dwarfs.

“We can take any classic story and turn it into something to immerse with our guests and this Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story has not been told from the dwarfs’ point of view, so it was a perfect opportunity for us,” said show producer Pam Rollins.

According to USA Today, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction features “toe-tapping” music, a “first-of-its-kind” ride system and “audio-animatronics that would make Walt proud”. The report continued on to say that this Snow White and the Seven Dwarf’s ride has become the first new roller coaster at Walt Disney World since 2006.

“The ride system is unlike anything we’ve seen,” says Lou Mongello, a Disney expert who has written three books about Disney World. “It looks and acts like a true mine cart while still being accessible enough for kids, parents and the entire family.”

While the attraction is said to be interactive before guests even get on the ride, the real magic reportedly happens once the ride enters the actual mine. According to Fox News, “guests are put to ‘work’ alongside Dopey, Sneezy, Happy” and the rest of Snow White’s friends.

“You’re actually seeing them work as you go,” explained Rollins. “We have glistening jewels and special effects all through the mine shaft.” What really has people excited is how the classic movie is brought to life, literally. Fox News stated that:

“The dwarfs are brought to life with the help of advanced audio-animatronics figures developed by Disney. Animations from the classic Snow White film were recreated using 3D computer graphics, giving the dwarfs lifelike features. Their detailed facial expressions and singing of the famous working song as riders pass make them feel alive.”

Disney fans are sure to fall in love with this new ride depicting the classic Disney movie. As of this report, there has been no specific date released for the opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction, though reports have stated that it will be sometime this spring.

[Image via Disney Parks YouTube Screen Grab]