Teen Brutally Beaten On School Bus [Video]

teen beated on school bus

A 15-year-old was viciously assaulted by four other students on a school bus, with cell phone video recording the apparently unprovoked attack.

The bus brawl incident happened on Tuesday afternoon in Dover, Delaware, as the bus was taking kids home from Parkway Academy-Central, which evidently is an alternative school for at-risk youth. See embed below in which you can hear the victim of the attack say “I didn’t do anything” while the assailants rain blows on him.

Police have indicated that they have identified five suspects (including the videographer) in the beating incident who face charges of third-degree assault and third-degree conspiracy. Cops have made one arrest so far. Fortunately the teen didn’t suffer any serious injuries despite the violent nature of the encounter.

According to a Facebook posting by the victim’s uncle, the school bus driver allegedly ignored what was going on, and school administrators appeared to be initially unresponsive when they were informed of what happened:

“… [The victim] was able to get off the bus at the next stop, 14 miles from his home. He went to the Magnolia Fire Hall and called the police. The bus driver failed to intervene AT ALL. She didn’t stop the bus while the beating occurred. She didn’t call the police and file a report. She didn’t inform the administration that the beating occurred. Apparently, the bus driver called the school and stated that Alec left the bus early for no reason, according to the administrator that called my brother yesterday. Of course, this morning, when my brother informed the school administrators that he had video evidence of the beating, the administrator now denies saying that Alec left the bus for no reason and of his own accord and that the bus driver stated that nothing had happened on the bus… No child should have to be attacked like this in school or on a bus ride to and from school while adults excuse and allow it to happen.”

In a subsequent press release, Parkway Academy-Central indicated among other things that it is cooperating with Dover police and that the bus driver in question is on administrative leave pending the investigation.

[image credit: Die4kids]