Sandra Oh: Will Dr. Christina Yang Be Killed Off Grey’s Anatomy?

Sandra Oh: Will Dr. Christina Yang Be Killed Off Grey's Anatomy?

Sandra Oh is departing Grey’s Anatomy after nearly a decade on the show, and fans are wondering whether the drama-filled show will live up to its reputation and send her off in style — even if that means death.

Oh is set to leave the show after the Season 10 finale, and while speculation is rising as to how the melodrama will handle her departure, there are some signs that she could be killed off. Showrunner Shonda Rimes has promised fans that Oh’s character Christina Yang will get the sendoff she deserves, which could include going out in tragedy.

If there is death in the cards for Dr. Yang, Sandra Oh herself might not be too pleased. Speaking last year about her decision to leave the show, Oh said she hopes the show doesn’t kill her off in the end.

If nothing else, Oh said she wants to keep her options open and leave room for a possible return to Grey’s Anatomy.

“Of course. I would very much like her to live,” she said. “You know, the show’s going to continue and go on and have its own life, and eventually it will have to come to a close. I’d love to come back!”

But the show has been know to take that road before. When T.R. Knight left Grey’s Anatomy, his character George O’Malley was hit by a bus and killed.

Whatever happens, Sandra Oh said she was ready to retire Dr. Yang’s character.

“I felt like all the avenues that a character that could possibly be explored,” she told Katie Couric, “I feel like we have done that.”

Oh said she had actually been considering the move for quite some time, starting when the show began renegotiating contracts.

“[I thought] If the show is going to come to an end, I need to start thinking about letting it go,” she said.

Fans who want to find out what happens to Sandra Oh and Dr. Christina Yang can tune in to the Grey’s Anatomy finale on May 15.