Kwasi Enin, Accepted To All Eight Ivy League Schools, Makes A Decision [Video]

Kwasi Enin, a New York high school student accepted to all eight Ivy League Schools in the US — Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Princeton, and Cornell — has made his decision. And he will go to… Yale.

Just as big as being accepted by the prestigious universities, Enin, 17, staged a press conference at the William Floyd High School gymnasium to make his big announcement, which has made national headlines.

Teachers and reporters attended Kwasi’s press conference during which he said the visit to the New Haven, Connecticut campus was a big factor in his final choice:

“My Bull Dog Days experience last week was incredible. I met geniuses from all across the world. And everyone there was so friendly and inviting…. And I believe that their deep appreciation and love for music, like I have, was very critical for me deciding to go there.”

Kwasi Enin’s father took the opportunity to thank those who helped his son achieve the incredible feat of being accepted to the eight Ivy League schools:

“We are grateful for all the inspiration. People think Kwasi is like an angel or somebody who was sheltered. Really, we gave him a lot of freedom, even though at the same time we were very strict with him in terms of academics and the way he behaved…. We only pray that going forward he will stay focused and not be distracted.”

Talking to Kwasi’s 14-year-old sister, Ebenezer Enin joked, “I told her, Look, I believe you can do better than him.”

According to the College Board, Kwasi scored 2,250 out of 2,400 points on his SAT — the standardized admission test used by most colleges in the nation — which placed him in the 98th percentile across the US.

Enin’s High School principal Barbara Butler said Kwasi ranked 11th in his class, but he never dreamed he would actually get accepted to all eight of the Ivy League schools telling CNN:

“I applied knowing that going to any of the Ivy League schools would be wonderful. I thought if I applied to all eight, I figured I’d get into one… but from the first one onwards I said, ‘This can’t be happening!’ I was shocked seeing all these acceptances under my name.”

Kwasi Enin, is not only an academic genius, but he is talented in other areas and plays three instruments with the chamber orchestra, sings in an a cappella group, is a member of the track and field team, and participated in school plays since his freshmen year.

Butler — who has been Enin’s principal for six-years — had nothing but praise for the extraordinary young man:

“Usually kids are good athletes or good musicians or good actors, but they don’t have all three and then on top add student government. It’s a balancing act. He somehow finds time to do it all and then volunteer at a local hospital.”

“He is an incredibly modest, humble and respectable person. He is incredibly dedicated and he has his priorities straight. He takes advantage of whatever opportunity he is afforded.”

Kwasi says other factors prompted him to choose Yale above the other seven Ivy League schools: “I really liked their sense of family, relationships between undergraduates and professors, and the residential college.”

Enin plans to pursue medicine and wants to continue with music, one of his favorite hobbies, and Yale happens to have a good balance of both.

[Image via Youtube screenshot]