Grand Jury Says Cop Unlawfully Shot Kid Who Was Holding A Wii Remote

Christopher Roue, a typical teenage boy who wanted to join the Marine Corp was gunned down in Georgia back in February. His killer, Officer Beth Daniel-Gatny, aka Nancy B. Gatny, hit him at point blank range for the crime of answering the door with a Wii Remote in his hand. Roupe’s aunt says that he was gunned down without warning as he answered a knock at the door. Roupe asked who was at the door and got no response. Roupe’s aunt also said that Gatny’s gun was already drawn when Roupe answered the door.

Gatney claimed that Roupe had a handgun, but later confessed that she thought she saw a gun. Gatney and her partner have been placed on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.

Well, now it seems as if a grand jury isn’t buying Gatney’s story and asked prosecutors to file charges against the officer for manslaughter. The real question is why the prosecutors in the case are so far not listening to their recommendation?

Roupe’s family has set up a Facebook page to raise awareness about what happened to their family member. The police have admitted they weren’t even there for Roupe in the first place, but for a probation violation involving someone else.

One of Roupe’s said on the Facebook page:

“I’ll never understand why or how this happened,but what i do know is you were a great friend and more than that you were family.I miss you bro and i’ll see you again when our paths cross. FLY HIGH AND PROUD.”

The grand jury decision came down more than two days ago and the Roupe’s are demanding justice. The real question is how the state responds and whether Gatney is held to the same standard as the rest of America?