Austin Mahone Shed A 'Single Tear' Over Selena Gomez's Instagram Unfollow

Austin Mahone was one of many people unfollowed by Selena Gomez on Instagram last month. However, the singer isn't sweating it as much as we previously thought.

During his recent chat with J-14, Mahone said he was "mad" about the situation. In fact, Austin said he was anxious to "confront" Selena about the situation. While his quote was seemingly presented in a somewhat serious context, apparently the guy was just kidding.

Since Austin Mahone attended the Radio Disney Music Awards last weekend, some folks decided to pick the guy's brain about the Instagram fiasco. If you thought Mahone was holding a grudge against his friend, then apparently you're sorely mistaken. Judging from his remark, the singer isn't spending too much time worrying about the situation.

"I was like, 'I wonder if Selena's still following my Instagram.' So I checked, and she was following zero people, and this is me... [motioning] a single tear," Mahone told Us Weekly.

Curious to see what he previously told J-14? Here's the quote:

"Yes, I saw [she unfollowed Taylor Swift and Kylie and Kendall Jenner]. I was mad. I was like, 'I wonder if Selena's still following me,' so I looked and then I saw she was following zero people, so I was like, 'Alright, I see how it is. I'm going to confront her about it next time I see her, like, 'Yo, why'd you unfollow me?'"
Since Gomez decided to unfollow Austin Mahone and the rest of her supporters on Instagram, everyone and their nosey grandmother wants to know the real story. Since the former Wizards of Waverly Place star isn't talking, people are pulling their info from insiders and sources. One such individual recently spoke to E! Online about the matter.

"A source says the singer has had an epiphany of sorts after the three-day outdoor concert and has decided to remove what she believes are negative influences in her life and is focusing on positive things and people. The source adds that Selena really wants to focus on her music and will also be regularly attending church services," the website explained.

Let's recap: Although fans might think Austin Mahone is deeply shattered by the Selena Gomez-Instagram debacle, apparently that's not the case. While you're putting all of these pieces together, go pre-order your copy of Mahone's The Secret. The singer's first album drops on May 27.

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