Zayn Malik And Liam Payne’s ‘Oral Sex’ Photo Causes A Stir On Twitter

Zayn Malik and fellow One Direction singer Liam Payne recently caught the attention of their fans on social media for a completely unintentional reason.

Although some websites want you to believe that Malik and his pal staged a faux oral sex session during on of their recent shows, the evidence in question is just an unfortunate snapshot taken at the wrong time. Since people are always quick to poke fun at Zayn Malik and One Direction, it didn’t take long for someone to twist the image out of context.

The folks over at Hollywood Life shared the so-called “shocking pic” with their readers this week. Although the article goes on to say the image in question isn’t what it seems, that didn’t stop them from stirring the pot a bit.

“While Zayn, 21, is standing and singing on stage during a One Direction concert, Liam, 20, is down on his knees — and looks like he’s singing into something other than the mic,” the website reported.

Curious to see Zayn Malik and the simulated oral sex scene in all its glory? Check out the pic embedded below. It’s fairly obvious that Liam Payne is simply standing behind Payne, which in turn made the photo become a little suggestive. If the guys were actually joking around, then Liam Payne has shrunk considerably since the last time we saw him.

The photo is a little small, but you get the idea. Of course, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne fans were quick to weigh in about the photograph on Twitter. While most seem to understand the truth behind the image, others are more obsessed with what could have been. Check out a few reactions below.

Some people are just irritated that Hollywood Life would try to exploit the picture for pageviews.

What do you think about the recent photo of Zayn Malik making the rounds online?