‘The Lego Movie’ Gets ‘How It Should Have Ended’ Treatment [Video]

The Lego Movie just received the How It Should Have Ended treatment, giving us yet another parody based what the movie missed. Nearly every popular movie has been the subject of the HISHE channel on YouTube, and nearly every time, they pick out a way to end the movie logically a long time before the story did.

One of the more popular episodes was the Lord of the Rings trilogy, where half of the group stands on a high mountain and distracts Sauron as the other half flies in with the giant birds and simply drops the One Ring into Mordor’s volcanic innards. Afterward, everybody in the Fellowship is flying away on the birds as Legolas asks, “Can you imagine what it would be like if we’d walked the entire way?” The rest of them laugh.

This time, it’s The Lego Movie‘s turn, and even though it doesn’t end the movie earlier, it uses a Lego version of the superhero cafe that the series is known for. Superman and Batman are sitting there in awkward silence as Superman basically wonders why he was downgraded to the point of being taken out by worker drones and stopped by a piece of gum. Batman seems to have been the only hero in the movie who actually got any fan service.

'The Lego Movie': 'How It Should Have Ended'
How 'The Lego Movie' 'Should Have Ended,' according to YouTube's HISHE

As Superman reveals, he should have broken free of the gum and used his powers of superhuman strength and speed to destroy the entire worker drone army and save the day. It does make sense, as most HISHE videos do. He goes on to reveal that both Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) and Dumbledore (Harry Potter) were taken down too easily, as well as Wonder Woman and Michelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

In a humorous twist, Green Lantern agrees with Superman, but his fellow Justice League members basically blow him off.

It was revealed in a comment on Kotaku that the whole story was being made up by a child playing with his dad’s toys, so it was really just that Batman was the only one the boy liked.

How do you think The Lego Movie should have ended?