WWE News: WWE Tough Enough Returning

WWE Tough Enough first appeared years ago on MTV and became an instant hit for the WWE. Fans were drawn to it because it showed us a lot of behind the scenes stuff and fans got to see how wrestlers learn how to do what they do. On top of that, we got to see how well they progressed.

When the WWE left Spike TV and went back to USA Network years ago, Tough Enough was gone and didn't come back. That was until 2011, when a new look Tough Enough came to USA Network that originally opened for WWE RAW on Mondays, then eventually followed it.

USA actually liked the show, and it did well enough ratings wise enough to keep it around. The issue was it seemed that WWE could never think of a time to bring it back, and USA never really saw it as a big enough ratings booster to beg the WWE for another season.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was the lead trainer and host of the show. He was helped out by Bill DeMott, Trish Stratus and Booker T. Special appearances were made by several past and present WWE Superstars/Divas.

The show ended in controversy as Steve Austin wanted to tap Luke Robinson for a WWE contract(the prize of the show). Instead, Vince McMahon wanted Andy Levine to win. Interestingly enough, Levine already had a developmental deal with the WWE. Meanwhile, the better talent in Robinson was overlooked.

Some found that his party ways were what pushed WWE away. After speaking with Robinson personally, he claimed he was upset about the fact he did not win. He also wanted people to know that he was not a huge party guy, but he did like to have a good time. What was seen on the show as out of context. While true or not, whatever pushed WWE away from signing him led to literally no one of note being taken by WWE as a result of the show.

Current WWE Diva Cameron was really the only survivor, and she was one of the worst of the bunch. Go figure.

WWE now feels as if they can give it another shot. During WWE's First Quarter Investors Conference Call, they were discussing ways that they will be adding content to the WWE Network. The WWE discussed that they wanted to bring back Countdown for another season, Monday Night Wars, and also add Tough Enough to it's original programming.

Later on in the call, WWE said again that they planned to bring Tough Enough to the WWE Network. The main issue comes down to when it will appear. Most speculate that the WWE would bring it to the WWE Network by 2015, as they'd have enough time to film it by then.

So currently, there is no timetable for when WWE will bring Tough Enough to the network. We do know it is coming back, however. Will Austin be the head trainer? Will new trainers be in place? There are a lot of unanswered questions, and we will have to see how WWE goes about things.