[Everybody Panic] Looming Bacon Price Surge!

Forget everything terrifying you’ve read about the recession- housing market horrors, the whole double dip set of concerns or job losses.

There is another, sinister crisis no one is talking about- a bacon price surge. Prices for the delicious, fatty pork product hit a high of $4.77 a barrel a pound in May, and some bacon fans have reported prices of $6 a pound- a price point that could become more commonplace in the next few months. The cost increase has been put down to higher corn prices, which have affected the price of pig food.

According to CNBC, the “bacon community” (also known as humanity) is “outraged,” and the financial site spoke to bacon blogger Jason Mosley, who said:

“It’s going to be pretty tragic when you have your fresh ripe tomatoes and can’t have bacon for your BLT… Everyone is kind of freaking out about it.”

Mosley said the time may come when bacon lovers are forced to make some tough decision due to the looming bacon crisis:

“I think they’ll make cutbacks other places — stop buying other things so they can afford bacon,” Mosley said. He personally said he’s willing to cut back on some fresh fruits and vegetables — things like bananas. “Get some good tomatoes and lettuce and forget the other stuff,” he said.

If the cost increases hit my Trader Joe’s Uncured Ends and Pieces, it may be time to organize a march on Washington.