Wheel Of Fortune Contestant With Special Needs Wows Viewers [Video]

Wheel of Fortune fans love to laugh at the hilarious gaffes of the show’s contestants. From mispronouncing words to failed attempts at solving puzzles, these funny antics draw viewers for the pure entertainment value Wheel of Fortune provides. There seems to be some little part in all of us that enjoys watching other people fail before a live, studio audience, and indeed, the entire nation. Especially when we have already solved the puzzle and, therefore, are able to feel superior for a brief, shining moment in time.

The Inquisitr reports an amusing mispronounced word that had viewers rolling in laughter. The correct answer to the Wheel of Fortune puzzle was “Mythological Hero Achilles.” Our gaze turns to player Julian, who responds with “Mythological Hero Ay-chill-us.” Nice try, but no dice. Apparently, the words have to actually be spoken correctly for the Wheel of Fortune judges to approve the win.

A recent Wheel of Fortune contestant left us laughing for another reason. Trent Girone’s zeal for life and uninhibited joy while appearing on Wheel of Fortune grabbed the hearts of those watching the young man’s progress on the show. Trent has special needs. He has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is typically found in people of high intellect, and this is certainly the case for Trent.

The young man also has had numerous brain surgeries and open heart surgery. None of the challenges that Trent faces on a daily basis were evident, however, as he fulfilled a dream to play on the Wheel of Fortune. He spoke to Pat Sajak, answered questions, and solved puzzles like a pro. Watch the video below to see part of Trent’s episode of the Wheel of Fortune, and fall in love with him, along with the rest of us.