Lil Za Gets Probation, Says Girls 'Love' Ecstasy

Lil Za reached a plea deal with prosecutors, putting him on probation after being brought up on drug and vandalism charges. According to WebPro News, Justin Bieber's pal pleaded "no contest" to one felony and one misdemeanor on Wednesday morning. The charges stemmed from a January incident when authorities were forced to search Bieber's Calabasas mansion after an egging in the neighborhood. Police found ecstasy pills in the guest room where Lil Za was staying and he was taken into custody.

Not only was Lil Za charged with drug possession, but he got himself in even more trouble when he broke a phone at the police station. Things evidently got heated for him as he tried to arrange bond -- and then he was slapped with a vandalism charge. The judge wasn't overly lenient with Lil Za (who's real name is Xavier Smith), but fortunately for him, he won't be spending any time behind bars.

Instead, Judge Mitchell Block sentenced the defendant to three years of probation, an outpatient drug treatment program, and 20 hours of community service. He will also have to pay $600 to cover the broken phone and $1000 in fines for the vandalism charge. While this may certainly seem like no big deal, it's good that Judge Block didn't just brush over Lil Za with one year probation and a small fine. Hopefully, the almost 20-year-old will learn a lesson and clean up his act.

According to Gossip Cop, legal documents stated that Lil Za gave girls ecstasy because he wanted to "satisfy" them. Apparently, the young rapper told police that girls "love" ecstasy and that's why he's a fan. Referring to himself as Justin Bieber's "personal assistant" while talking to police, Lil Za tried to make it seem like he only kept the drugs on hand for special occasions with the ladies. It's unclear if he actually uses the drugs himself or if he just gives them out like Halloween candy.

As previously reported by, Lil Za could have been charged with two felonies, but he got lucky. His vandalism charge was downgraded because the damage wasn't extensive. Now, if Lil Za messes up within the next three years, chances are good that he will be heading to jail -- so he needs to be on his best behavior. Or else. This might mean he needs to keep away from Justin Bieber since the singer can't seem to keep himself out of trouble lately.

Sometimes the company you keep isn't always what's best for you.

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