After You Watch What This Man Does To A Toddler, You'll Want To Punch Him — Or Worse

Jonathan Vankin

First, a warning; the video you're about to watch is disturbing to say the least. Not much is known about the circumstances of when and where it was shot, but it appears to be security camera video outside a small shop in China.

According to published reports, the confrontation you're about to witness took place in Huainan, a city of about 2.3 million in China's eastern Anhui province. Apparently, a man — yet to be identified — became engaged in a dispute with the owner of this hole-in-wall shop. As you'll see, he angrily proceeds inside and though we can't see what takes place inside the establishment, we can be pretty sure it was loud and possibly violent.

Two other men rush into the store, attracted by the commotion.

A small child, reported to be only one year old, waddles unsteadily up to the entrance — and just stands there, uncomprehending. We don't know whose child this is, although it may belong to the shopkeeper judging by what happens next.

You have to see it to believe it. But again, this is upsetting to view. The first man flees the store, apparently chased out by the owner and the other two men. But in his way out, he could easily ignore the toddler, who is hardly impeding his escape. Instead, he picks up the innocent child — and flings the baby across the alleyway.

According to reports, the child sustained injuries, but luckily survived and is being treated in a Huainan hospital.

But just in case you think this video might be fake, this isn't the first time a baby-tossing incident has happened in China. Last year, a man in Beijing named Han Lei picked a two-year-old girl up out of her stroller and tossed her to the ground during an argument over a parking space with that toddler's mother.

Distressingly, that child passed away from her injuries. Han Lei was convicted of deliberate murder and sentenced to death.

The child in this video is, at least according to press accounts, alive. There is no word on whether the man in the video was apprehended and if so, what charges he might face.

So if it were up to you, what penalty do you think the man who tosses this toddler should suffer?