Harry Styles Changes His Hair, Twitter Can’t Contain Itself

Stop the press: Harry Styles has a brand new hairstyle. You might want to completely rearrange your schedule to deal with the situation. That’s right, One Direction obsessives — Styles is rocking what some have described as a new “indie inspired” look.

Although there are tons of other things happening across the globe — including Liam Payne looking for aliens at Machu Picchu — people can’t seem to stop staring at a single photograph of Harry’s head. According to MTV News, One Direction hairdresser Lou Teasdale is responsible for taking the snapshot you see below.

In addition to the new ‘do, Styles made sure fans got a good look at some of his tattoos. Chances are folks around the world are swooning right about now. Although the photo of Harry Styles and his hair started on Teasdale’s Instagram page, it didn’t take long for it to show up on other social media sites. If you’re at all curious to see what styles looks like with his new look, then investigate the image below.

Not surprisingly, Harry Styles fanatics don’t know what to do with themselves now that his quiff has sailed into the sunset for the moment. Many of the guy’s loyal supporters decided to share their thoughts and feelings about the situation on Twitter. Take a look at some of their reactions to the guy’s new haircut below.

Harry Styles may have decided to let his hair down a bit, but that doesn’t mean he’ll let Lou Teasdale cut it off anytime soon. She recently dished to the folks at Teen Vogue about Styles and the other One Direction singers. In short: Harry’s hair probably won’t get shorter anytime soon. The hairdresser told the publication:

“Harry’s hair has been the same since the day I met him. He’ll never let me cut it. He lets me give him a bit more of a coiff and pull it away from his face. He wears hats a lot now, too. Most of the boys are really great about accessorizing themselves, and they’re really good at knowing what their own style is. They look so cool in what they just put on themselves, and they all have their own little thing going on. They’re cool guys, so it doesn’t take a lot to make them look cool.”

What do you think about Harry Styles and his new hairstyle?

[Image Via Bing]