Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Playing VP Selina Meyer On 'Veep' Is A Dream Gig

Julia Louis-Dreyfus knows what makes a good TV program. She's been on three of them - first in the critically-acclaimed Seinfeld where Julia won her first Emmy, second in The New Adventures of Old Christine, where she won a second Emmy, and third in her current show Veep, where - yes - Louis-Dreyfus won another Emmy for her role as Vice President Selena Myers.

But somehow, despite Veep's exceptional cast and unbelievable success, some are skeptical of its position on TV. That is why in an interview with Indiewire, Julia Louis-Dreyfus addressed some pressing questions regarding the show, the creative juices backstage and being the vice-president of comedy.

Indiewire asked Julia Louis-Dreyfus what she thought about the continually improving dialogue and execution of Veep. Louis-Dreyfus said their familiarity with each other in the cast and production contributes greatly to how the show evolved:

"Needless to say, we know each other and we have each other's rhythms down now much more so than we did in the third episode of season one because we've worked together. We have the experience under our belts. So there's a kind of shorthand and a varied understanding of what this show is that's in place."
Another question was about the future of Veep, which is just four episodes into their 4th season. Indiewire wondered about its place on TV and whether there is an exit strategy or not. Louis-Dreyfus, who plays the titular character, is all praises for the production and her own character:
"There's no exit strategy right now. We're still very much in the entrance strategy mode, and really just focusing on what season four is going to be and what those stories are going to be. I love making the show so much, and I love playing this character so much, and I love working with Armando Iannucci and all our fine writers on the show so much that I don't have any interest in, you know, departing or leaving that situation anytime soon. Really. I mean, let's face it. It's kind of a dream gig from my point of view."
One of the more intriguing questions thrown to Julia Louis-Dreyfus was if the show was a more accurate representation of politics and society, compared to similar shows like Parks and Rec and Newsroom.
"But I don't think one is more true than the other. I'm really happy telling these stories now, but not because I think they're more true. I just like to tell the stories because I think they're very funny. It's just a series of incredibly dysfunctional relationships on a global stage, and that's tremendously exciting. It's a pressure cooker, and it's just very ripe for comedy. So I'm just glad I get to do it."
[Image Via HBO]