Was Liam Payne Searching For Aliens At Machu Picchu?

Pictures of Liam Payne and Harry Styles frolicking around Machu Picchu like a pair of new-born lambs were met with breathless delight and starry-eyed wonder this week, but was there a more covert reason for Liam Payne and his One Direction band-mate visiting this legendary 15th-century Inca site?

There’s been a lot made of Liam Payne taking a break from the South Marecian leg of One Direction’s ‘Where We Are’ tour and finding his center at Machu Picchu, but was Liam really hoping to make alien contact on his leisurely jaunt with Harry Styles, as the merry pair journeyed up the mystical mountain and through the mists of time?

It’s not as bizarre as it sounds. We all know Liam Payne, not unlike many famous boy-band members of yesteryear, is something of a philosopher on a spiritual quest for truth and understanding. And Liam’s choice of location for a fun day out with his best mate Styles was rather suspect when one considers the extraterrestrial connotations which have long surrounded Machu Picchu.


Pictures of Liam Payne looking spiritual and thoughtful at Machu Picchu would seem to suggest the site holds special significance for Liam who is often considered the deepest and most complicated member of One Direction.

Compared with Harry Styles, who looks somewhat like a bored extra in a Spaghetti Western, Liam Payne appears to be actually mediating in the mountains. Could it be that Liam was attempting to tune into a higher state of consciousness and connect with any alien life-forms who might have been lurking in the vicinity that day.

As much as we wouldn’t want to second guess a complex geezer like Liam Payne, was Liam wondering, like so many brave truth-seekers before him, just how the pre-Columbian Inca people once built such a stunning city.

No doubt, like any ancient astronaut enthusiast worth his salt, Liam Payne would have pondered on many a moonlight hour, just where the Incas gained the knowledge and tools to build such a city so high above sea level.


And like many a visitor to this high and lonely place, Liam Payne would have reflected in a deep wonderment and nagging curiosity that the city was eventually abandoned, but why Liam?

Who knows! If Liam Payne had been seeking signs of alien inhabitation at Machu Picchu, it’s doubtful if he found any. Yet the site obviously had an overwhelming effect on young Liam. In one picture he can be seen standing on high, with his eyes firmly shut, arms outstretched, as if he’s embracing the very cosmos that he obviously feels such a deep connection to.

The truth is out there Liam Payne, and there’s only One Direction in which to find it.

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