KTLA Reporter Courtney Friel Gets Asked Out By Shirtless Man During Live Interview [Video]

News reporter Courtney Friel of KTLA was simply trying to do her job while live on the air, reporting about a wildfire happening in Los Angeles.

She decided to find an interview subject, and unbeknownst to her, this unidentified shirtless man she chose to interview had the hots for her, and it wound up leading to one of the most hilarious and satisfying news reports in recent months.

Friel started out by asking the man if he lived nearby, and his answer was probably not what she expected.

“Yeah. Wow, you’re super pretty,” said the man, according to the International Business Times. “Do you wanna go on a date sometime?”

Clearly not amused, Friel didn’t miss one single beat and responded completely professionally while she attempted to move on with the story.

“We’re on the air live right now on KTLA, actually,” quipped Friel.

The KTLA reporter then continued to go on with the interview, again asking if he lived nearby and if he had evacuated his home.

“I live down the street. I was just checking out the fire,” said the man.

Friel asked what he thought of the fire, to which he responded, “It’s pretty cool.”

Staying as professional as she could in that moment, Friel didn’t let the sarcastic man deter her from reporting on the massive wildfire.

“All I know is, we’ve been talking to several people coming out of here and they are really scared,” said KTLA‘s Friel near the end of the now viral clip. “I mean, just looking at the fire, it lights up at times and it gets really dark — almost like a tornado. That’s the best way to describe it.”

Friel, 34, who is originally from Philadelphia but currently lives and works in Los Angeles, is a current anchor for KTLA and former reporter for Fox News.

Hilarious moments on live television usually wind up going viral, as was the case with Friel’s encounter, but it’s rare to see someone deal with it in such a professional manner. Following the broadcast, Friel showed that she had a sense of humor and tweeted about being asked out on live television.

“Wonder where he would have taken me on a date? ,” tweeted Friel, who ironically is married with two children.

KTLA even took to Twitter to give credit to Friel, one of their most well-known anchors.

“Way to keep your cool, @courtneyfriel. ,” wrote KTLA Morning News on their Twitter account.

We couldn’t agree more. Keep doing what you’re doing, Courtney Friel.