California Dog ‘Archie’ Adopts Four Abandoned Kittens Put Up For Adoption [Video]

A dog in Aptos, Santa Cruz County, California is becoming the center of attraction after he adopted four abandoned kittens, reports Yahoo. The kittens were bought home by Diana Wilson, who happens to be an SPCA foster parent. She was surprised to see Archie, as the dog is called, immediately tend to the kittens and take care of them. Diana says that Archie has been doting on all four kittens, caring for them as his own and being extremely protective of them.

As an SPCA foster parent, Diana willingly brought the kittens to her home so that she can keep them with her until the SPCA finds them each an adopted home.

The kittens are so young they need to be bottle fed, and Archie is always at the helm, trying to help Diana in grooming and bathing the kittens. In an interview with KSBW 8, Diana says that the interaction of the young kittens with a dog is good for them in the long run.

If you are near Aptos, Santa Cruz, we might as well let you now that all the four kittens are still up for adoption and, in case you’re interested, all you need to do is to contact SPCA on their local website.

That said, we’re not sure if Archie would like to remain separated from the four kittens he adores.

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This is not the first time we’re hearing about adorable and heartwarming stories like this. You might remember the story about this abandoned Dachshund that adopted a paralyzed kitten, back in January.

[Image via YouTube]