Elderly Woman Gets Stuck In An Elevator With Weak Legs, What This Good Samaritan Does Will Make You Smile

A man who offered to serve as a chair to an elderly woman stuck in an elevator is quickly becoming a viral sensation after his act of kindness is spreading quickly across social networks.

Cesar Larios of the Tampa, Florida based moving company ‘College Hunks Moving Junk‘ was taking the elevator with the elderly woman when the elevator suddenly stopped. After a few minutes, the woman using a walker revealed to Larios that she had very weak legs and was unable to stand any longer.

So what does he do?

“I offered to serve as a chair,” he says.

The generous young man bent down on his hands and knees, quickly offering the elderly woman a seat on his back while they waited for help. Assistance finally arrived after 30 minutes, and the feeble woman was able to graciously continue on her way.

A Florida man is being praised for his good deeds as he serves as a chair for an elderly woman

“She was so thankful.” Larios told the Good News Network.

People all over the world are praising Larios for his act of kindness, with many hoping that this serves as an example to everyone on when it comes to assisting the elderly.

The company has also received a lot of positive feedback regarding the character of their employee and are very thankful for his willingness to serve.

What do you think of this young man serving as a chair to this elderly woman?