Trick Daddy New Crew Name Raises Eyebrows

Fallen rap star Trick Daddy, recently arrested for possession of cocaine and weapons earlier this month, has created a whole new crew from the depths of his weird head, and the name he chose is, shall we say, unique?

We can soon be treated to wonderful, wholesome songs from Trick Daddy's EATABOOTY GANG! Just another reason why we should all be thankful that our pop and rap stars are allowed to think on their own. Trick Daddy, current worst mugshot pic of the year award hopeful, says it's about the ladies' booty, but some are not so sure. Has prison gotten to Trick Daddy?

What's worse is that Trick Daddy and his Eat A Booty Gang decided to take a picture from a small bathroom which looks as if it hadn't been updated since Trick Daddy came onto the rap scene.

eat a booty gang

Let's be honest, if we ran into these gentlemen on the street, we'd soil ourselves. However, it's hard to look hard when you're wearing shirts that say 'Eat A Booty' anything. Although, the blue really brings out their eyes.

Twitter twits have been having fun with the Eat A Booty Gang as well!

Trick Daddy is currently awaiting trial and possible sentencing for his cocaine and gun possession arrest earlier this month. Mr. Daddy has had a history of drug trafficking and other gun possession charges; just another day in the park for Trick Daddy.

Back to more Twitter reactions to The Eat A Booty Gang, because it's just too fun!

Congratulations on creating a butt.. I mean buzz with your new crew, Trick Daddy!