FedEx Gunman Note: Suicide Note Shooter Left Behind Found

The FedEx gunman note was found left behind after a shooting that took place in Kennesaw, Georgia, Tuesday morning. FOX News reports that on Wednesday Cobb County police spokesman, Michael Bowman, confirmed investigators found the note written by the man who shot six people before taking his own life at a FedEx facility.

Contents of the gunman’s note weren’t shared publicly. Investigators are still trying to piece everything together.

The gun used by 19-year-old Geddy Kramer during the shooting and the box it was contained in was also found. Where the box was found hasn’t been revealed.

Kramer’s father, Scott Kramer, apologized his son’s actions and requested everyone’s thoughts be with the victims at this time. He said he didn’t know the man who went out and shot innocent people at a FedEx facility.

Scott Kramer said:

“I feel like I’ve lost my son in a couple different ways. The person who did this at FedEx, I didn’t know. My son was somebody completely different.”

Geddy Kramer lived with his father, and reportedly showed no signs of having any problems at work. It’s hard to know if the words of Scott Kramer match the FedEx gunman note. Why did Kramer up and decide to take a gun to shoot co-workers?

Three of the six victims shot have been released from the hospital. Christopher Sparkman, 28, of Canton, remains in critical condition. He was working as a security guard when he was gunned down. A 52-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man are in stable condition. Their identities haven’t been released.

Whether or not contents of the gunman’s note will be released soon is unclear. The public always wants to know what makes someone suddenly snap like that. Police haven’t offered any information on what Kramer’s motives for the shooting rampage were.

Clearly Kramer had hidden issues with his employer to leave a suicide note behind before acting on a premeditated crime that resulted in his own death. Bowman added that investigators are trying to sort out how all of this unfolded.

Bowman said:

“We’re trying to lay the foundation for what happened.”

According to Kramer’s grandmother, Diana Mayberry, she said he was excited to work at FedEx. She raved about to her during one summer visit.

Mayberry said:

“When he got the job, he was thrilled to death. Then he got on full-time and he said he really liked it.”

What was really written in the FedEx gunman note?

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