St. Louis Rams to do list

While I think the St. Louis Rams did an adequate job of addressing their major team need via the NFL draft, I really think this team is making a mistake by not going out and securing some help for RB Steven Jackson. They have asked him to shoulder a lot of the load, and that gets harder with Sam Bradford at the helm of the offense, and the run teh risk of flat wearing that kid out. They need to find a quality backup or second punch to give Jackson a chance at a long career.

I am also very concerned that this team did not draft a OLB. Holding the point on outside runs, and covering backs on pass routes has been an issue and as I look over their 2011 draft class I do not see any one coming in that can address that need. There are also some free agency concerns along the D line, and in the defensive secondary. Those spots are going to have to be dealt with.

I don't see many holes along the offense at the skill positions, and I do not see any major free agency concerns there either. Of course beyond finding a second RB to help Jackson shoulder the load. Now when we get to the Guard spots along the O line we see significant free agency issues. They did not draft any OG’s, so upgrades made be sought here.

Overall the Rams are a pretty good team, that maybe just need a little polish. Another difference maker at a skill position and some solid work along the O line and this team could be a legit playoff contender.

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