‘NBA 2K14’ Gets Price Drop And New Locker Codes

NBA 2K14 has been one of the most popular basketball video games in years. Despite that popularity, the NBA playoffs are starting to wind down and when they do, people will be turning their attention to games like MLB The Show.

That is likely the reason that 2K14 has had its price reduced to an all-time low on the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. The Latin Post reports NBA 2K14 has been reduced by $10 on the next generation console and has seen an even steeper price reduction on the 360.

NBA 2K14 is now being listed as $29.99 on the Xbox 360 but that’s not the only thing that is getting a price drop these days. All of the game’s addons are also going to have their price cut in half.

All of this is going on while NBA 2K14 is likely as popular as it has ever been, updating its teams’ rosters quickly as the playoffs ramp up to the NBA championship. PastaPadre reports that some of the biggest stars in this year’s playoff series are being added quickly as they make a name for themselves. In particular Troy Daniels was added to Houston’s NBA 2K14 roster.

Since it was first released, the title has done nothing but bring in some big time accolades. The game has been so popular it has basically killed off its competitor NBA Live for a second time. Electronic Arts had been trying to launch a competitor to 2K14 and the other games in the series but it really wasn’t much of a contest.

The price drop isn’t the only good news for fans of the game. On its official Twitter feed, NBA 2K14 is releasing some new locker codes that are giving people the option of getting either a Diamond Durant or a Diamond Kobe.

Unfortunately for current generation players, the codes are only good on the Xbox One and the PS4. Still, while 360 users don’t get these locker codes they can still enjoy playing the game alongside the real playoffs on current consoles with the massive price breaks.

This has been one of the marketing tools that have made the title so popular this year, quite a bit more popular than in years past. The outstanding realism and graphics included in NBA 2K14 is the icing on the cake for people who enjoy these kinds of games and have already been very loyal to the series.