Adam Lambert About To Embark On Big US Tour With Queen

Adam Lambert is about to rehearse for the upcoming tour he’s embarking on with Queen. The singer is also in the midst of recording his latest album, The Very Best Of Adam Lambert. Music on the album will include a number of his classic hits, well-known singles, and televised performances from American Idol, Glee, and others. The album will be released May 27. Although songs on the album are ones his fans already has, he’s created a collector’s piece for them.

It looks like Adam will be entering the spotlight as he prepares for a US tour with the British band. Fans are excited to see their favorite star make headlines once again in this awesome venture with one of the world’s most beloved bands. Their performances combined make for a must-see show.

In 2012, Queen member, Roger Taylor, said he thought Adam Lambert had an amazing voice and was great to work with. This was all before the singer was signed on to tour with them at Sonisphere.

So, when will Lambert join Queen for this highly anticipated tour? According to Unreality TV, the former American Idol star and Queen will launch their tour in June.

Adam Lambert and Queen also touring the United Kingdom and Europe, but specific dates for those concerts haven’t been revealed. Lambert did let his Twitter followers know what’s happening behind-the-scenes right now.

He wrote:

“I’m currently working on music for my next album and will soon begin rehearsals for the Queen Tour! I’m so excited!!!!”

According to USA Today, the tracks on Adam’s new album of greatest hits from American Idol will include: Mad World, One, and Tracks of My Tears. Others on his tracklist are Time for Miracles, For Your Entertainment, Whataya Want From Me, and Trespassing. A host of different compilations complete the list. A total of 14 songs will be on it. Adam noted in another tweet that he felt Sony made a “great selection.”

It’s not revealed when Lambert’s third album will be out. He’s more than busy keeping up with the amount of work before him it at this point. He’s working with Swedish producer, Max Martin, on his third album.

This summer will be an unforgettable one for Adam Lambert fans with the number of concerts he’ll perform in. A lot is going on with the Grammy-nominated singer who wows the world with his incredible voice and musical talent.

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