Sandra Bullock In Talks For ‘The Help’ Director Tate Taylor’s Tupperware Movie

Sandra Bullock is getting ready to throw a major Tupperware party.

The Gravity star is currently in talks to portray the mastermind behind those famous Tupperware parties that were all the rage back in the day. The Help director Tate Taylor is working on a biopic centered around Brownie Wise, the woman responsible for developing the so-called “direct marketing strategy.”

According to The Guardian, Sandra Bullock could end up playing Wise in Taylor’s upcoming motion picture. The film is reportedly based on the book Tupperware Unsealed by author Bob Kealing, which tells the story of Brownie’s success with the company and her eventual falling out with inventor Earl Silas Tupper.

Although producers want Sandra Bullock for the role, she’s yet to officially sign on for the project as of this writing. First Showing points out that the movie hasn’t found distribution yet, though it could end up over at Disney thanks to Mandeville Films’ involvement with the flick. In other words, this thing could bounce between several Hollywood studios and A-list actresses before everything officially comes together.

Should Bullock sign on for the project, then it will serve as her first live-action motion picture since last year’s hit Gravity. The award-winning actress ultimately earned a whopping $70 million for her role in the sci-fi flick thanks to some clever back-end deals.

According to MTV News, Sandra scored $20 million to star in director Alfonso Cuarón’s flick before filming began. She also snagged an impressive 15 percent of the movie’s box office totals, including venue from the home video market. In short: Bullock made quite a bit of money from the acclaimed drama.

While fans are waiting to hear what happens with Tate Taylor’s Tupperware flick, these folks can obsess over rumors about Sandra Bullock possibly reprising her role in the proposed television series based on Miss Congeniality. The Inquisitr previously reported that the actress might make an appearance on the show should it get off the ground.

“Sandra loved her ‘Miss Congeniality’ FBI agent character Gracie Hart and the concept so much that for years she has continued to keep up friendships with FBI agents she met while researching it,” an anonymous source told Radar Online earlier this year.

The insider added, “Sandra loves that real FBI agents, particularly female ones, continue to respond to and write her letters about both ‘Miss Congeniality’ and ‘The Heat.’ Sandra just feels like it’s time to bring this story to a new generation.”

Do you think Sandra Bullock is the right person to star in the Brownie Wise biopic?

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