Montana Teacher Who Raped Student: Court Overturns One-Month Sentence

A Montana teacher who raped a student will be back in court after the Montana Supreme Court overturned his one-month prison sentence. The student who was raped by the teacher committed suicide two years after the incident.

According to The New York Daily News, former teacher Stacey Rambold was told he would serve just 30 days behind bars after being convicted on the charges brought against him. Thinking this was a “winning” situation, Rambold was set to serve his time and move on with his life… that is, until complaints were filed and the Supreme Court got involved.

The Supreme Court judge criticized Judge Todd Baugh, who presided over the case, because Baugh said that student, Cherice Moralez, was “partially to blame” for what happened. Judge Baugh said that Moralez had “just as much control” over the situation as her former teacher.

The Montana teacher raped a teen student but the court seemed to let him off the hook easily. Rambold first struck a deal with the prosecution, that involved him going through a sex offender treatment program for three years. Once completed, the prosecution agreed that they would drop the charges. Rambold actually got kicked out of the program because he was having “unsupervised visits with minors” and he missing scheduled meetings. Even still, Judge Baugh stated that Rambold’s participation in the treatment program was punishment enough, but the Supreme Court feels differently.

According to Fox News,Baugh will not be the judge that presides over the case any longer. A new judge will be appointed and the prosecution is hopeful that this new judge will not show any bias toward the defendant.

The Montana teacher / student rape case has the Supreme Court involved and many believe that Judge Baugh should be fired. As previously reported by, a complain claiming that Baugh “eroded public confidence” was filed. Many people believe that he should lose his job after the asinine comments that he made in regard to this case. It’s hard to imagine anyone taking Baugh seriously after his ruling in this case, but so far the Supreme Court has not said whether or not they will be looking into it further. Baugh was supposed to retire some time very soon, so that may end up working out for him.

Stacey Rambold’s new sentence should be decided in the next couple of months. Do you think Rambold will be sentenced to over 20 years in prison? Should Judge Baugh face consequences for his biased ruling?

[Photo Credit: The Billings Gazette/AP via FOX News]