Lil Boosie Doesn't Want His New Album To Sound Like Anything 'That's Out Right Now'

Lil Boosie doesn't want his new album to get lost in the crowd.

There are definitely a lot of rappers releasing albums these days, which is why it's often hard for some artists to get their endeavors noticed by the general public. This may explain why Baton Rouge native Lil Boosie doesn't want his songs to sound anything like the sort of stuff other people are busy putting together.

HipHopDX reports that the rapper wants his next release to sound vastly different from the stuff you're used to hearing. According to Lil Boosie, he wants his next proper batch of tunes to sound like "Boosie music." Considering that's his name, we suppose the guy is presently headed in the right direction.

"I am not trying to sound like nothing that's out right now. I think you start to do that when you listen to these guys so much. If you listen to somebody, that's just life. If you hang around a certain amount of wrong people, you start doing wrong. If you hang around positive people, then you start doing positive things," Lil Boosie explained to XXL.

The rapper continued, "So when you listen to these dudes, in that same venture, you go and try and make that music that's similar to them. You are not thinking in your head, but you knowing what you are doing. I know what I am doing to not make it like that, so that's what I do. My music is going to be different."

Why does Lil Boosie want to distance himself from the sort of stuff that's currently making the rounds with rap fans? In the rapper's humble opinion, most of music you're hearing on the radio or online is "trendy." When one person stumbles across a sound that works, other rappers are quick to ride its coattails. Boosie doesn't want to follow the same path.

"I think that's why a lot of people want me back so bad 'cause they wanted that real music back. That was missing when I left the streets. I would just say hip-hop is trendy right now. A lot of people doing the same things, dressing the same. Everything is trendy. Ain't nothing wrong with that. They just trying to hustle. You see someone else winning, you try to go over here and do something similar," Lil Boosie said.

He added, "But that put a lot of people on the same mountain. When you put a lot of people on the same mountain, most of y'all fanbases are the same. My fanbase over here, they outcasts. Right? When people listen to it, I get some of them off that mountain too. Come over here. I like when people like my records. It benefits me."

Be sure to read the rapper's entire interview over at XXL. Are you planning to pick up Lil Boosie's new album on July 15?

[Image via BET]