Med Student Elizabeth Raine Auctioning Off Her Virginity Draws Critics While Bidding Exceeds 500K

American medical student “Elizabeth Raine” is auctioning off her virginity on a website launched in March. 28-year-old Raine told Huffington Post she has already received bids as high as 550,000 dollars. She revealed her face in an effort to attract higher bids. The med student said “Elizabeth Raine” is an alias, and while she has not disclosed her real name, she did recently reveal her face in order to ease concerns of skeptical customers. She also provided Huffington Post with her student ID and passport photos to prove she is an American medical student as she described her self on her website.

The bidding ends next week. The consummation of the virginity auction will take place in Australia where sex in exchange for money is legal, the virgin told Huffington Post. The Daily Mail reported that while her primary interest is the money, she is also states that there is allure in the eroticism, scandal and pushing of societal norms surrounding virginity. Elizabeth says she is being safe while auctioning off her virginity. The highest bidder will need to provide proof that he has no sexually transmitted diseases or infections and be willing to wear a condom. Raine also asserts that the winner of her virginity must not be under the influence or alcohol or drugs.

The terms of her virginity auction are not all-inclusive. The man awarded the act of taking her virginity will not be permitted to perform anal sex or treat her violently. Elizabeth said she is not opposed to kissing on the mouth, though she realizes finding love from this is unlikely. Elizabeth considers the virginity auction a business deal, but did mention that she is attracted to tall, older men. Raine said that no matter how financially impressive the offer, she is not interested in giving her virginity to a woman.

“I’m straight. That would be out of my comfort zone,” the med student told Huffington Post. Raine also can’t guarantee customer satisfaction, given her lack of experience:

“There will be a legal contract between us,” the virgin auctioneer stated, “[The winner] may not be happy [with the sex], but he knows what he’s paying for.”

She is moderately concerned that her virginity auction may get her expelled from medical school, but said, “Lawyers have different opinions on whether I’d get kicked out, but one lawyer I trust believes it won’t happen.” Besides for her virginity, at 28, the woman also holds a bachelor’s degrees in both biology and engineering and is working towards a combined MD and PhD.

While many online critics accuse her of disgracing herself, she states, “I’ve been planning this for a year and I’ve had a personal transformation because of it. I’m more educated about prostitution, virginity and slut-shaming.”

Raine believes that slut-shaming takes power from women and hands it directly to men, when in a fair world, a woman would be in control of her sexuality implicitly. Tara West, a freelance writer, wonders why so many women feel it is acceptable to shame the med student for auctioning off her virginity.

“Isn’t that also what a lot of gold diggers are doing under the guise of love? Lots of young women who are married to way older (and richer) men will flat out say they are with them for their money,” West wrote. “Personally I don’t see the big deal honestly if two consenting adults want to exchange a sexual interaction for money. They are adults and making that decision.”

Writer Lexi Nisita explained, “The word ‘slut’ can quite easily devolve into hate speech, and in using it, women can do just as much damage to other women as any misogynistic man.” A culture focused on purity, it is argued only results the domination over women.

Barrel of Oranges touches on the subject of purity and slut-shaming, “Purity culture tells us that sex for women is supposed to have one purpose, and that is reproduction within the confines of marriage. Purity culture wants to punish women who don’t ascribe to archaic notions of ‘sexual morality.'”

“I value my virginity enormously, just not for the typical set of reasons. I do not believe it is a sacred gift that should be reserved for the man I love, nor is it a testament to my honor, virtue, or purity (not to say that I am void of these traits). Rather, I value my virginity as something that is very much my own and a testament to my free-spirit and independence.”

What do you think of the medical student’s decision to auction her virginity off online?

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