Magic Johnson Conspiracy: Rush Limbaugh Claims Magic Orchestrated Controversy To Buy Clippers

There’s a Magic Johnson conspiracy going around regarding the Donald Sterling ouster, one claiming that the Lakers legend orchestrated the entire situation to buy the team for himself.

Sterling was heard on a recording released this weekend admonishing mistress V. Stiviano for associating in public with black men and bringing them to Clippers games. He also chided her for posting an Instagram photo with Magic Johnson.

The uproar was instant, with countless people across the worlds of sports and politics coming out against Donald Sterling. His players staged a silent protest, and other NBA players threatened to boycott the playoffs if the league didn’t act swiftly.

But the league did just that, announcing Tuesday that Sterling was banned from the NBA for life and fined $2.5 million. New commissioner Adam Silver also said he wants the league’s owners to force Sterling to sell the Clippers.

That is where Rush Limbaugh sees a conspiracy. The conservative radio host speculated that Sterling could have been upset with V. Stiviano because he knew that Magic Johnson was making a play to buy the Clippers.

“What if the reason Sterling told [his girlfriend] V Dot that he didn’t want her showing up in pictures with Magic [Johnson], is that he knew that Magic was gonna make a play for his team?” Rush wondered.He then went on a long-winded rant tying V. Stiviano with Magic Johnson, questioning whether the release of Sterling’s racist rant was some kind of House of Cards style setup.

Here is the transcript, via The Wire:

RUSH: Look at this. Looky here. Look what I just found at Yahoo News. Headline: ‘Exit Strategy for NBA Donald Sterling: Sell Clippers to Magic Johnson.’ I haven’t clicked on the link yet. I just got this right as the break was ending so I haven’t had a chance to click on it, but there it is: ‘Exit Strategy for NBA Donald Sterling: Sell Clippers to Magic Johnson,’ and that would make it all better.

That would make it all good, and Sterling would be a hero again.

Well, I don’t know he’d be a hero, but it would be okay. Now, what if Kareem wants ’em, though? What if Kareem’s group doesn’t have the money that Magic’s group has got? Didn’t Magic try to buy the Dodgers? V. Stiviano’s involved with Dodgers players. Folks, there’s an intricate web being woven here. This babe, this sugar baby’s all over L.A. sports. She with Sterling. She’s with Magic.”

The conspiracy may be outlandish, but Rush Limbaugh is right about at least one part — Magic Johnson does appear to be interested in buying the Los Angeles Clippers. Whether he orchestrated the Donald Sterling controversy, however, is quite another story.