Daniel Craig Joins White House Push Against Sexual Assault [Video]

Daniel Craig and other prominent faces In Hollywood are speaking out in a new public service ad, and it’s definitely something you want to check out. Craig, along with Hollywood heavyweights like Benicio del Toro, and Steve Carell have joined forces with the White House to push against sexual assault.

As stated, the White House has enlisted James Bond himself and a few familiar faces for a new ad that the administration is supporting in an attempt to curb sexual assault on college campuses across the nation. In the ad, Vice President Joe Biden, President Obama, along with Daniel Craig, Benicio del Toro, Steve Carell, Seth Meyers, and Dulé Hill sit down to talk about the very important topic of sexual assault, especially on college campuses.

In the minute-long ad del Toro states, “We have a big problem, and we need your help.”

They’re not limiting the talk of sexual assault to college campuses. In fact the ad names, “bars, parties, and even in high schools” as otherwise comfortable social settings that sexual assault takes place in. Carrell follows with a statement that we all know about but never truly discuss in such a frank manner. “It’s happening to our sisters, and our daughters,” says Carrell, as Craig chimes in with, “our wives, and our friends.”

It’s an effective ad that Vice President Biden launched today at a White House event. The event was an initiative to introduce brand new guidelines for college campuses to help curb the sexual assault that goes on in and around campus facilities. In order to make a powerful statement Biden said he reached out to actors to get involved in the important message.

In a very passionate speech, Biden said, “No man has a right ever to raise his hand to a women period. It is assault if they do.” Most importantly Biden gave a new perspective by introducing the other side of the coin that people usually don’t think of. The Vice President said that victims should not be “re-assaulted” during crime investigations by being asked personal questions about the sexual assault that “call into question the victim’s actions.”

“We almost always ask the wrong questions when it comes to sexual assault. We continue to ask questions like ‘What were you wearing? What did you say? What did you?’”

Biden continued:

“No means no, whenever it is stated.”

Check out the powerful ad against sexual assault with appearances by Daniel Craig, Seth Meyers, Steve Carrell and more:

[Image Credit: YouTube]