Donald Sterling’s Hot Girl From Hell Put Him In The Hot Seat [Video]

Donald Sterling is clearly in the hot seat for his racist comments. Sterling shared his opinions in what he thought was a private conversation with his girlfriend, and Sterling’s girlfriend decided to make it public. Now, Commissioner Adam Silver has doled out a severe punishment to Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. Sterling faces a fine of $2.5 million and a lifetime ban from the games as told by LA Times. Being the billionaire that he is, Sterling may not even feel having to pay the fine, however, Sterling can kiss his front row seat goodbye, along with the status that came along with being present at the games.

Ouch! Now that hurts Sterling worse than the pocketbook. That hurts his pride.

Sterling may also have to sell the Clippers team if there are enough owner votes to force him out, according to USA Today. Which means Sterling can still stand to gain $1 billion dollars from the sale.

That’s a punishment?

African-American radio host, Larry Elder stated on TMZ [Video] that he believes Sterling is getting screwed by the NBA. Elder was all fired up calling Sterling an “idiot who had a mistress who connived and trapped him.” Edler went on to defend Sterling stating, “The worst thing [Sterling] said was ‘Don’t bring your black friends to the games.’ The black friends can go, just don’t have em sit next to you. If Magic wants to go, just don’t have him sit next to you… for that, he {Sterling} loses his team? It’s not fair.”

Elder is not the only one who feels this way about Sterling. Donald Trump also states that Sterling had the “girlfriend from hell,” as reported by The Young Turks, although Trump does admit that Sterling’s comments were atrocious.

But that doesn’t stop The Young Turks from throwing Trump under the bus for insulting Sterling’s girlfriend’s behavior more than Sterling’s himself. In fact, one of the hosts began trashing Trump saying he is “just a game show host.”

What? Really? I thought he was a business tycoon worth $3.9 billion per Forbes. He is a bit more than just a game show host.

Were Sterling’s comments deplorable? Of course. Should Sterling lose his team over it? Think of it this way. What if you came home from work, disgruntled at a co-worker, or your boss, and you vent to your significant other. Just like Sterling’s girlfriend, your partner records your conversation and uses it against you. And, just like Sterling, you lose your job, your credibility, your reputation, all because, just like Sterling, you shared your private inner most thoughts with someone you thought you could trust. Should we really be setting that precedent?

It is a slippery slope that Donald Sterling has started us down.