October 20, 2017
Coca Cola Arcade Machine Encourages Gamers To Recycle

A Coca Cola arcade machine in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is taking a new approach which encourages gamers to recycle. In the Indian subcontinent, millions of people go about their lives every day, and cheap entertainment can be a welcome distraction. Coca Cola has taken the initiative to give them a way to amuse themselves as well as help keep the environment from disaster.

This is actually a novel idea which might give us a reason to recycle in other countries as well. Imagine if an empty beverage container could give you a few minutes of fame as you once again play an arcade game in public? Nostalgia alone could make recycling trendy again, and perhaps some indie or failing game developers could take it a step further in an effort to promote their own games.

The Coca Cola arcade machine, dubbed the Happiness Arcade, has a slot shaped like their bottle. You insert an empty bottle into the slot and it lets you play a round of what appears to be a commercial version of Pong. While this might not sound very exciting, it's certainly nicer than simply chucking your empty beverage container in a designated recycling bin. Enough of us don't bother that it's still a problem for the EPA.

If we willingly gave our empty bottles back to the companies who bottle our beverages, they could turn around and process them into more bottles. It eliminates the need for money in both directions as we only need to buy the beverage, and they don't need to buy as much plastic to keep supplying more bottles. Plus if China isn't taking our plastic any more, this is a novel solution.

Would you be more willing to recycle if that empty Pepsi bottle got you a free round of classic Duck Hunt or possibly a timed round of Angry Birds? Of course you would, because you're getting the drink and a chance to show off your skills for the same price.

The Coca Cola arcade machine might not revolutionize the gaming and recycling industries, but it's a positive step in the right direction.

[image via minds.com]