Frankie Muniz Might Buy The LA Clippers, Is ‘Disgusted’ With Sterling

Frankie Muniz isn’t short of cash, having amassed a healthy fortune from his 151 episodes of Malcolm In The Middle. The young star lives the high life sometimes, racing cars, playing golf and jamming with his rock buddies.

What many people don’t know is that as well as the golf and the fancy cars, Frankie Muniz is a huge fan of the Los Angeles Clippers. You know, the team with the owner who allegedly made some tasteless racist comments?

As such, Muniz may well be interested in making an offer to purchase the team as part of an ownership group. That is, if the current owner, Donald Sterling, puts the team up for sale, following his lifetime ban from the NBA.

Frankie Muniz posted an informative Facebook post where he spoke about his love for the Clippers:

To be honest, they were the only team that I didn’t know who any of the players on the team were, so I didn’t mind deleting them and making myself, my mom, dad and my cats (Polly and Pete) the new starting lineup for the team on the game. From that day forward in 1994, I have been a die-hard Clippers fan. I spent many days going to every sports store I could to find any Clippers memorabilia, but back then, it was pretty much impossible. So when I did find something, I bought everything I could that had a Clippers logo on it.

Back in the day, Muniz said he used to beg the producers of Malcolm In The Middle to schedule filming around the days when the Clippers played so he could go watch them, and claims he attended every single one of their games until 2008 when he moved to Phoenix.

Muniz wrote in the post: “Living in Los Angeles as a Clippers fan was not easy,. I was constantly ridiculed over being a fan of the ‘bad’ L.A. team. That never bothered me. To me, all the losses made the rare win that much more enjoyable.”

It remains to be seen whether or not Frankie Muniz will purchase the Los Angeles Clippers as the NBA looks to move on from the terrible saga with its owner, Donald Sterling.