It’s What’s Inside That Counts: Couple Builds Tiny Home That Will Leave You Wanting One

An Oregon couple tired of paying an exorbitant house payment every month decided to take a different route that would lead them to a mortgage-free lifestyle that may seem extreme to some, but perfect to others.

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison took it upon themselves to build a home for their family that was unlike any other. With backgrounds in construction, these space conscious homeowners spent a total of $33,000 ($22,000 on the exterior and $11,00 on the interior) building their tiny luxury home that offers many of the same amenities as your average 2,000 square foot home. Boasting a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom, this deceptively spacious home seems to have it all.

Naming their creation hOMe, this space featuring reduced square footage naturally comes lower heating and electric bills, making the financial benefits that much better.

According to Daily Mail, Gabriella Morrison states that “we are now debt free, off grid, joyful, closer as a family, and enjoying living our lives full time in hOMe.”

In addition to the tiny home, Andrew and Gabriela Morrison also built their 14-year-old daughter, Terra, her own private cabin on their property. While Terra spends most nights with her parents, they thought she might enjoy her own space.

What do you think if this tiny home? Would you ever build one?