'Murdered: Soul Suspect' Bell Killer Trailer Brings The Spooky

Murdered: Soul Suspect is creeping ever closer to release and as the game gets closer to hitting store shelves, its developers have let more details about the story slip out.

Now a new trailer shows the truly spooky aspects of Murdered: Soul Suspect. The 'Bell Killer' trailer also introduces the main characters in Murdered in a way that we hadn't seen from the other Soul Suspect trailers so far.

As Ronan O'Connor you take on the role of a detective on the Salem, Massachusetts police force who was killed by the Bell Killer himself. As his ghost, you need to work to figure out who the serial killer known as the Bell Killer is while unraveling other mysteries in Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Coming to the Xbox One and PS4, the game has got some stunning visuals that take advantage of what the next generation consoles are able to offer up.

The new trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect also shows off another character in the game who ends up helping you solve the many mysteries that involve the town with quite a history of supernatural happenings.

Earlier interviews with the development team shed some light on the reason the game is set in what is usually a sleepy little town.

The trailer allows the gamer to see the world that has been laid out in Murdered: Soul Suspect in a way that they hadn't been able to do before. This is also the first time we've actually been told the name of the killer who is stalking Salem.

As the action unfolds, a news story plays in the background illustrating the terror that has covered the town in a dark cloud. This is also the first video that doesn't actually show much of the main character in O'Connor. This video clearly focuses on the person or entity you are aiming to stop and shed light on its identity in order to win the game.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is also being released on the Xbox 360 and PS3, but Square Enix has made it clear gamers are going to want to try out the next generation versions in order to truly appreciate the look and feel of the game.

While the tagline for Soul Suspect is "The hardest murder to solve is your own" this trailer is clearly setting out to show you that there are others who have been murdered and solving those killings will help you solve your own.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is due out this June.