September 30, 2014
Cristiano Ronaldo Breaks More Records After Scoring Two Goals In Bayern Demolition

Cristiano Ronaldo broke even more records and set a precedent, as Real Madrid simply demolished Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League second-leg semifinal on Tuesday.

The Portuguese striker recently came back from a knee and hamstring injury, but that didn't seem to slow him down one bit, after the first-leg match -- in which he did not score -- he unleashed his power along with Sergio Ramos at the Allianz Arena to the chagrin of Munich's fans that could only sit and watch, stunned.

Not only has Ronaldo been crushing records in La Liga, but he has also broken some international record this season and after last night's performance, he could make those chasing him, even less likely to catch up any time soon.

Cristiano now has 16 goals -- more than any other player -- in a single Champions League/European Cup campaign, passing the 14-goals record held by his arch rival Lionel Messi.

The 29-year-old superstar also added to his Champions League knockout stages record, which now stands at 33 goals and is now the second scorer in Real Madrid's history in European competition with 51 goals in 50 matches (Rahul leads with 66).

During the UCL semi, Cristiano Ronaldo proved, once again, why he is considered as one of the best players in the world, with many suggesting he may be among the best in the history of the sport.

Now all Ronaldo and Real's efforts turn to completing their season in La Liga, where they currently find themselves in third place, six points behind the leader Atlético Madrid and two points away from Messi's Barcelona.

On Tuesday, Sergio Ramos gave Real Madrid a comfortable 2-0 lead, when he sent the ball into the net at the 16th and 19th minutes, Cristiano followed with a counter goal in the 34th, pretty much putting the nail in Bayern's coffin before halftime.

Following the break, Ronaldo delivered Real's coup de grâce and Bayern was dead and buried for the UCL season.

Understandably, Cristiano Ronaldo is over the moon, not only for his personal achievements, but for a chance to have Real Madrid once again in the Champions League final following the blow suffered at the hands of Bayern Munich in 2012. Now, "Los Blancos" will face either Chelsea or Atlético Madrid, which could make for an all Spanish final.

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