Zachary Quinto Is One Hot Vulcan With His Totally Ripped Abs

Zachary Quinto might play the highly logical Dr. Spock on the Star Trek franchise reboot but his bod shouts the total opposite of nerdy. Last Wednesday, Zachary showed us a peek of his incredible physique and impressive abs on Instagram, with the caption:

“back to work(ing out). agent 47. home stretch”

Agent 47, an upcoming action film where Quinto plays a lead role, seems to be pushing the ex-Heroes star real hard into perfecting his own body.

Thank you, producers of the show! We wouldn’t have seen this without you.

The film is based on the hit video game Hitman, which has also been made into a movie in the past years but failed to deliver high expectations, especially among fans of the game franchise.

Fans totally dig Quinto’s rock-hard physique. Comments on Instagram were mostly positive remarks about Zachary and his body transformation:

Nisie90 said:

“I love hw every one is loving this pic. heart attacks everywhere lol”

Another Instagram user, paulinacueyar, might need an ambulance after seeing Zachary’s hot, hooot, boddeh:

“I…..I just can’t….BREATHE….,OHGOD <3”

Zachary, whose social media presence is pretty engaging for a very busy star, regularly offers these types of jaw-dropping posts from time to time. Here is one where he appears completely naked inside a private pool:


Here he is chilling under a tree in flip-flops, captioned: until the ants began biting my feet.


In 2011, Quinto made news when he nonchalantly revealed in an interview with the New York Mag that he’s gay. Zachary, who was talking about his role in the stage play Angels in America, was quoted saying:

“As a gay man, [the play] made me feel like there’s still so much work to be done, and there’s still so many things that need to be looked at and addressed,”

Zachary Quinto was also revealed to be in a relationship with Jonathan Groff of Glee. Last year, news broke out of their untimely split, but the two claims to remain close friends despite the break-up.

Quinto gained wide popularity for playing the villainous Skylar on the cancelled TV show Heroes,which according to a recent Inquisitr report is getting a reboot. Although we’re quite sure Hayden Panettiere won’t be seen anywhere near the reboot, it is currently unclear if Quinto will have any part in the much-anticipated show.

We have two things to be excited about Agent 47, First, the chance to see a (hopefully) better re-imagination of Hitman and two, Zachary Quinto’s (hopefully) shirtless body.

[Images from Zachary Quinto’s Instagram]