Mercedes-Benz Recalls 284,000 C Class Sedans In US Canada Citing ‘Weak Electrical Connection’

As far as recalls go, the year 2014, might just be the biggest one so far. To add to the tally, premium luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz has initiated recall process for 284,000 of its cars citing ‘Weak Electrical Connection’ problems.

Mercedes-Benz USA has issued a recall notice for up to 284,000 units of its C300, C300 4Matic, C350 and C63 MG vehicles built between 2007 and 2011. The company is concerned that a weak electrical connection could result in a failure or dimming of taillights and brake lights, increasing the risk of a rear-end collision. The affected cars were sold only in the U.S. and Canada.

At present there have been no reported accidents or bodily harm or any injury from the suspected malfunction, but Mercedes-Benz isn’t taking any chances. As per the documents submitted at National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the taillight failure “reduces the ability to warn other motorists of the driver’s intentions of stopping or turning, increasing the risk of a crash.” Mercedes has openly confirmed the relatively big recall saying, “We are working with our NHTSA colleagues on this topic.”

Mercedes–Benz, which is a unit of Germany’s Daimler AG had been continually monitoring the situation and in one of the many long term durability testing, found that few cars revealed this flaw. Incidentally, way back in 2009, Mercedes had received five field reports in which a loss of tail lamp was due to loss of electrical connection, but the cause was unknown at that time and designated for further study, according to the NHTSA documents.

Late last year, NHTSA officially opened an investigation into the tail–light failure issue and Mercedes responded with additional information from its own internal testing in October, according to the documents. NHTSA requested further information in March this year, and in preparations to respond, Daimler decided to conduct the recall, instead of taking a chance with the authority, reported NY Daily News.

The 2014 year has been particularly bad for big car makers who have had to initiate recall process that has already crossed 13 Million units. Though the highest recall was registered in 2004, when over 30.8 Million vehicles were called back to have multiple issues varying in their criticality, this year, the frequency and pace of recall is much higher and could indeed exceed the record set in 2004, reported LA Times.

Few of the top auto–makers that have ordered recall of their vehicles include notorious General Motors (6 Million), Mazda (109,000), BMW (156,000), Nissan (1 Million) and many others. Looks like Mercedes–Benz who had managed to elude the list is now one of them.

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