These Three Women Picked The Wrong Place For A Twerking Party — And For Exposing Themselves

Three Oregon women were arrested Monday aftrenoon after twerking in probably the dumbest place they could pick to display the sexually suggestive dance move, which involves rapidly shaking one’s buttocks up and down.

But just twerking in public wasn’t enough for these three geniuses. They also flashed their private parts — then one of the women lifted her skirt and relieved herself between two cars. And it all happened right outside city hall, a location that is pretty much guaranteed to bring police to the scene.

One of the women reportedly filmed the whole display on her cell phone.

The video has not yet turned up on YouTube, perhaps because the women were also busted for drug possession and are held in Washington County Jail near Portland.

One of the women, 20-year-old Coura Velazquez (above right), showed up at municipal court in city hall to pay a fine. She brought two friends with her, Brittany Medak, 20 (above left), and Leokham Yothsombath, 22.

Once she was done paying her fine, the women went outside the building and began twerking in full view of city hall employees inside. As Yothsombath recorded the defiant performance on her phone — and several municipal workers did as well — Velazquez and Medak lifted their skirts, without wearing underwear, and displayed their genitals to the people in the building.

Medak also urinated on the pavement between two parked vehicles.

The trio then climbed into Medak’s car and drove away. But they didn’t get far. Police, who received a call at about 3:30 pm pulled them over and obtained permission from Medak to search the vehicle.

In the car, the police found marijuana, cocaine and prescription pills. The trio now face a laundry list of drug charges as well as disorderly conduct and offensive littering counts.

The problem, according to the Beaverton police, was not the women’s twerking activities — it was their other behavior.

“There are families here with children, people coming in and out of City Hall, whether it be for passports or paying utilities,” said Beaverton Police Spokesperson Mike Rowe. “The twerking itself, fine, but the fact that they were exposing their bare genitalia and one of them urinated in public, that’s where the concern is. They can dance as much as they want on the sidewalk as long as they don’t do it in a manner that’s offensive.”