Davenport Student Tries To Do Epic Graduation Backflip, Faceplants Making Him An Epic Failure! [VIDEO]

For some people, graduating from a college or university is a moment they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately for one graduating student at Davenport University, his moment may be memorable, but probably not cherished. Actually, he might have memories of feeling like an epic failure.

According to Today, the graduating student at Davenport University was so excited when he received his diploma, he tried to do something that would be considered the exclamation point to a varied university career. The idea he got: a graduation backflip. Now generally, there will always be one graduate that would go beyond the call for theatrics during their walk. A graduation backflip is actually is very common. It is probably up there with graduation dances and graduation cheers. However, most graduation backflips occur when the graduate backflips off the stage. This gives the graduate enough time to make the full backflip before landing on his or her feet.

For the Davenport graduate, maybe he should learned how to properly do a graduation backflip first. Robert Jeffrey Blank grabbed his diploma, posed in an athletic stance, and then face planted. Maybe someone should have told him that the point of a graduation backflip is to land one one’s feet.

The aftermath of the graduation backflip was priceless. According to Huffington Post, Blank’s loud thud on the stage floor turned every head towards his epic failure direction. The thud even tripped up the woman announcing the names of the graduating class. A moment later, the university administrators resumed handing out diplomas and shaking hands.

For Blank, it is a very hard lesson on how life will be after college. If he did learn anything from kissing the stage floor, it should probably be that through life, there will be times when you’ll try to do something epic (in this case a graduation backflip) just to end up face down on the floor. However, you only become an epic loser if you don’t get back up.

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