Mariah Carey Shoot: Mimi Dons Lingerie For Terry Richardson Shoot

Mariah Carey got sexy for a new shoot with famed celebrity photographer Terry Richardson. Carey, 45, showed off her stunning physique as she stripped down to her bra and undies for the photos. According to Mail Online,Mariah’s lingerie look will be featured on the cover of the next issue of WonderlandMagazine.

“With a coat draped over her shoulders, Mariah clutches a slightly filled champagne glass in one hand as she brandishes pearls in the other. With her light locks teased into perfect flowing waves over her shoulders, the star smiles with her mouth partially open.”

Could this Mariah Carey shoot symbolize something bigger and better on the way for Mimi fans? As previously reported, any promotional stuff that Mariah does in the coming weeks could be in preparation for her 14th studio album. Fans expect The Art Of Letting Goto be released sometime before the summer and if Mariah is doing interviews and photoshoots, it’s quite possible that she’s gearing up for some serious album promotion (and maybe, just maybe, a big tour).

Obviously very excited about her new cover (and the amazing photos), Mariah took to her Twitter account and gave everyone the following sneak peek:

This Mariah Carey shoot is unlike most that she has done recently. Once Mariah became a mom, she seemed to tone things down a little bit — but now she’s back and ready to show a little skin. Getting this kind of attention can only mean that she is trying to get herself back on the map (you know, after her failed attempt on American Idol). For a chart topper like Mariah, getting back into the game is relatively easy but as people get older, things don’t always come as easily. Fortunately Mimi’s looks and her voice are still in tip-top shape so she should have no problem with album sales or tour ticket sales.

Some artists feel the need to reinvent themselves each time they release new music but some of the iconic singers (like Celine Dion) have a much easier time. Hopefully Mariah finds herself in good company and puts out an album that has serious staying power. Her fans love her ballads just as much as her dance tracks so with a solid mix, Mariah should be good.

Did this Mariah Carey shoot surprise you? Are you excited for Mariah’s newest album?