Kobe Bryant Praises Lakers Ownership In Light Of Sterling Ban

With Donald Sterling’s racist remarks dominating media coverage Kobe Bryant took to Twitter to praise current Lakers ownership, the Buss Family.

The Lakers are coming off their worst season in franchise history, winning just 27 games and Kobe Bryant himself having his most disappointing stretch of his career due to injury. But in light of Donald Sterling’s remarks, Kobe certainly considers himself lucky to play for the other Los Angeles team.

Besides praising Lakers ownership, Bryant also tweeted his opinion on whether or not Donald Sterling should continue as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers following his racist rant:

He also praised NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for banning Donald Sterling from the NBA indefinitely:

Kobe is not the first NBA player, current or former to voice their displeasure with Sterling’s comments. He’s not even the first Laker to do so.

Perhaps the most famous Laker of all time, Magic Johnson – who was at the center of the controversy in the first place when he posed for pictures with Sterling’s mistress on Instagram – took to Twitter days after the scandal broke to express his dismay over the situation.

Here are some of Magic’s tweets on the matter, praising current players and Adam Silver’s decision:

In the end, despite an injury plagued 2014, Kobe Bryant knows he’s playing for the right Los Angeles team.