Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Bay Of Bengal Debris May Belong To Missing Plane

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could be found after a private company found wreckage in the Bay of Bengal that may be a fit for the missing plane.

The Bay of Bengal wreckage was found by the Australian geophysical survey company GeoResonance. While the Bay of Bengal, located between India and Myanmar, is far from the current search zone for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the company said it is worth investigating.

"The company is not declaring this is MH370, however it should be investigated," CNN quoted GeoResonance as saying in a statement.

But the Joint Agency Coordination Center managing the search for the missing plane disagreed, saying the focus will remain on the stretch of ocean off the coast of Australia where the plane was believed to have went down.

The flight disappeared in March while en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. Officials determined that someone in the cockpit disabled the transponder, allowing the plan to avoid radar detection. The 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board are believed dead, though the final resting place has not yet been found.

Some officials have begun to say privately that the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may never come to a conclusion. An unmanned drone, the Bluefin-21, came up empty on an extensive search of the Indian Ocean floor in the area where officials believed the plane crashed.

The search will now enter a more painstaking phase as crews search a wider area off the coast of Perth, Australia.

"We went all in on this small area and didn't find anything. Now you've got to go back to the big area," an anonymous official said. "And now you're talking years."

Officials have not yet said if the debris found in the Bay of Bengal will be investigated to determine if it came from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.