Lil Wayne Joins Snoop Dogg In Bashing Donald Sterling’s Racist Comments

Lil Wayne joined a legion of hip-hop celebrities voicing their opinion on Donald Sterling’s racist comments. In a video posted to World Star Hip-Hop, Lil Wayne lashed out at Donald:

“First of all I’m a sum it up for everyone that I believe feel this way. I’m a sum it up for everyone on my side of the gate,” Lil Wayne began before unleashing profanity-laden remarks directed at Sterling. Lil Wayne continued:

“If I were a Clipper fan, I wouldn’t be one anymore. It’s that simple. But if I was a Clipper player, a current Clipper player, you wouldn’t see me on the court anymore in that uniform. An apology wouldn’t work for me. A team meeting wouldn’t work for me. Locker room camaraderie wouldn’t work for me. I’d stand up for myself.”

Lil Wayne’s video joins a slew of hip-hop stars who took to various forms of social media to voice their displeasure towards Donald Sterling’s racist comments. Snoop Dogg for example, posted a video to his Instagram to post his own profanity laced retaliation.

Sterling, meanwhile, has faced NBA justice for his racist remarks. As reported by Inquisitr, Donald Sterling has been banned for life from the NBA, a sentence handed down by the NBA’s new commissioner Adam Silver at a press conference earlier Tuesday:

“We stand together in condemning Mr. Sterling’s views,” Silver said. “They simply have no place in the NBA.” Silver continued to voice his outrage at Sterling as the press conference continued:

“This league is far bigger than any one owner, any one coach and any one player. I fully expect to get the support I need from the other NBA owners I need to remove him.”

Donald Sterling was also fined $2.5 million for the racist comments recorded and released to the public. Whether or not he is forced to sell the Clippers will come down to a league wide vote of all remaining owners. Regardless, the punishment must feel like justice for Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne.

And whether or not one thinks the sanctions doled out by the NBA against Sterling fits the crimes or not, in the end, Lil Wayne may have summed up the whole situation best when he closed his video by saying: “Pride and respect isn’t a team sport. Those are the things you’re already [supposed] to have within.”

To watch Lil Wayne bash Donald Sterling for his racist remarks, see the video below: