Isaiah Washington’s Last ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Episode To Be Aired Before Grand Return

As we previously reported, Isaiah Washington’s grand return on Grey’s Anatomy will be taking place this Thursday in a bid to say goodbye to the well known Cristina Yang, who is making her exit after being on the show since the very beginning. While we knew Isaiah Washignton’s appearance on Grey’s would be a big deal, we didn’t know just how huge.

According to Variety, Isaiah Washington’s return to the show is a huge event that ABC has been planning. Those who caught the tail end of the Grey’s Anatomy’s seasons will now be able to see Washington’s last aired episode as Doctor Preston Burke before his triumphant return to the series.

The official press release reads:

ABC will relive his dramatic departure by replaying the May 2007 episode “Didn’t We Almost Have It All.” It will air in the 8 o’clock slot preceding a new episode, “We are Never Getting Back Together.”

ABC is promoting that this appearance has been seven years in the making, and before Thursday night’s farewell to Cristina Yang episode, viewers will be able to catch Dr. Burke’s epic moment as he left Yang stunned at the alter of their very own wedding. The result of Washington’s absence wasn’t really addressed in the series, which is probably due to the controversial nature of the actor’s exit from the show. The actor left after he called then cast member TR Knight a homophobic slur during a fight that erupted on the set of the then widely popular show.

After Dr. Burke left the only real mention of his name was seeing Cristina Yang suffer when he won the Harper Avery award, even though she had covered for him and completed half of his work as a resident. Other than that, there were many loose strings that were left from Burke. Now that Yang lost her chance at the Harper Avery award and is presumably leaving the hospital, this will be an opportunity to gain some closure on a story that was very important in the first three seasons of the show.

According to the press release:

“This week’s episode will show Cristina looking to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) for advice as she assesses her future at the hospital after she had lost the Harper Avery as a result of the hospital’s affiliation with the award. Oh is leaving the show after this season, appearing for the last time in the May 15 season finale.”

Although she will appear on the May 15 finale it’s assumed that this will be the last chance to really tell Yang’s full story.

Check out the promo below:
[Image Credit: ABC Studios]