Food Photo Booth Helps You Make Your Friends’ Mouths Water From Afar

Social media has made it easier than ever to share details about the things we do in everyday life, but some may say it’s gone too far. For example, taking photos of food and sharing them on social media has become a popular thing to do, and a South African company has created a food photo booth to capitalize on the trend.

Known as the #dinnercam (Yes, the hashtag is part of its name), the food photo booth offers a specially lit area for you, or any other interested diners, to place dinner inside, get the perfect shot, and then broadcast it on social media to the envy of friends around the world.

The unusual photo booth is the brainchild of the South African Internet provider called MWEB, so it makes sense that they might have their fingers on the pulse of how to make a profit from something people do across social media networks every day. If this food gadget takes off, we might never have to endure snapshots of meals that are tarnished by poor lighting and awkward angles.

Reportedly, the #dinnercam food photo booth creates the ideal lighting conditions for shots that could make you feel like a professional photographer. At least, that is, if you’re willing to venture over to the booth and share the dining experience with your friends before digging into whatever’s on the plate. If you’re feeling artistic and want to take an especially creative photo, there’s an option to add colored lighting for cool effects.

As you might expect, the company behind this invention is hoping curiosity will help the concept take off. The food photo booth is already the first of its kind, although some people have questioned whether there is truly a market for such an oddity, even among dedicated food lovers.

To stimulate potential demand and spread the word, MWEB is offering users of the photo booth a chance to get a free print photo just for using the #dinnergram hashtag when sharing the shot online. Presumably, the hashtag’s name is a play on the name of the popular photo-centric social media destination Instagram.

Do you really need a physical photo that shows your food sitting in a special booth? Apparently, the creators think so. If you’re wondering about how to check out this food photo booth for yourself, it’s located at El Burro, a Mexican restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa. Here’s hoping the employees at that restaurant understand how presentation can be almost important as the taste of the food, especially in this case.