Ric Flair Returns To Monday Night Raw, Gives Love To The Shield

Most WWE fans aren’t surprised when a legend returns to the ring, usually promoting an up-and-coming, or current, wrestling star, and Ric Flair’s impromptu appearance in the ring for Monday Night Raw was no exception.

Despite his previous Evolution ties, Ric was center ring, mic in hand, giving a lot of love to The Shield. Rumors on Twitter abounded as to whether he would reunite the full Evolution or not. Before Monday night’s main event, which saw Roman Reigns pitted against Randy Orton, Ric Flair came to the ring.

He spoke about the great stables that he had been in, and spent a while extolling the virtues of the things that constitute a great stable, relating that to how he sees that pan out in the ring. Instead of turning toward Evolution though, he said he firmly saw the potential in The Shield.

Even though the Flair segment was a little random and irrelevant, it did what it was supposed to do. Namely, to put over his message that The Shield is potentially the next great stable.

RAW itself opened with Cena asking why the WWE Universe only voted him in on the 3-on-1 match last week. Cena seems concerned that fans are turning on him, which he made clear. As he stood there talking, a kids’ choir came out and started singing He’s got the Whole World. After a few verses, Bray himself came out and joined the singing.

In a segment featuring Daniel Bryan, Stephanie McMahon ended up trying to apologize for last week, but even though he didn’t believe her, Brie Bella was given a divas title match as a gesture of good will.

That match was interrupted as expected by Kane, who came to the ring and tried to grab Brie a number of times to drag her back under. He was stopped from doing so by others who joined the fray. However, he was able to get to Bryan and choke slammed him in his neck brace.

After that Brie and Bryan were both backstage being attended to by the doctor when Stephanie showed up again, and tried to apologize; once again she was sent on her way by Brie.

So, it was an action packed Monday Night Raw. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode next week.