Erica Enders-Stevens Defies Stereotypes To Dominate Drag Racing

Sorcha Szczerbiak

You may be under the impression that drag racing is largely a sport where men reign supreme. That might have been true in previous generations. However, Erica Enders-Stevens is proving she has what it takes to not only assert herself in a field filled with men, but also win against them.

On Sunday, Enders-Stevens earned her second Pro Stock win of the 2014 season, proving her first victory of this competition year was anything but a fluke. During the final matchup, she held off Allen Johnson at the Royal Purple Raceway in Texas. Enders-Stevens had a time of 6.594 seconds and a top speed of 210.60 MPH. To give you an idea of just how close the differences between competitors times can be in racing, Johnson clocked in at 6.588 seconds and reached a speed of 210.28 MPH.

Enders-Stevens was also the champion at an event last month in Las Vegas, so it appears her season is off to a very strong start. Although it might have been expected and warranted for Erica to accept the praises for her strong performances, she has been quick to offer credit to the people who help keep her car in top condition.

"My team's been really awesome," Erica Enders-Stevens said in an Associated Press article, while also discussing how in order to win as she has done, consistency is a necessary ingredient. Enders-Stevens also talked about how some last-minute changes were performed during her most recent victory in the NHRA O'Reilly Auto Parts Spring Nationals. She explained that the transmission on her Chevy Camaro had to be switched out at the last minute, and she was unable to start racing until her technicians went through each of the gears and made sure everything was performing properly.

Her successful outcome this past Sunday helps highlight how Enders-Stevens has all the makings of being an impressive role model for any fellow females who may be interested in following her lead. Specifically, Enders-Steven's win marked only the 99th time a woman had won a competition in the history of the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series.

Nearly 40,000 people watched eagerly as Enders-Stevens competed for her eventual triumph last Sunday. That was probably partially due to the fact that Johnson is one of her rivals, so the matchup was sure to be heated no matter what.

Enders-Stevens is also notable because her two victories this season have put her in the lead as far as points standings for her drag racing circuit. That achievement has never been earned by a woman before, so hopefully Erica Enders-Stevens will be able to keep her momentum going and find similar success throughout the rest of the season.