Ed Sheeran May Surprise You

Ed Sheeran is a twenty-three year old guy with a young spirit, yet an old soul. We like that about Ed. You may have certain notions about what Sheeran is all about with his pop music, touring with Taylor Swift, dating Ellie Goulding and partying with the likes of Gavin DeGraw. But this Brit is just different enough to make you want to know more.

Sheeran’s life has drastically changed from the young lad who grew up in Suffolk, England where he spent his time playing in small coffee shops and trying to find someone’s couch to sleep on, as reported by Rollingstone. When his album + went multiplatinum in 2012, Sheeran’s career skyrocketed. Ed was determined to make it in the music world. According to News.com.au, Sheeran admitted, “The only thing I have ever wanted to do is to play to sold out crowds for the rest of my life and now I have the opportunity to do that, I am not going to take a break from it,” he said.

Now, instead of coffee houses, Sheeran does, indeed, play for sold out crowds all over the world. He has performed at the Grammys with his idol Elton John, performed over sixty shows with Taylor Swift, and Ed even sold out three shows at Madison Square Gardens.

Sheeran has been labeled as very ambitious, and he revealed this to be true when he told Rollingstone, “I’m more calculated than people think,” Sheeran admits. “When I said I wanted to play Madison Square Garden, a lot of people said I was nuts. And I made sure I did it. And when I said I wanted to sell 4 million albums, and we were stuck on 2.5 million, I went to the States and got on the Taylor Swift tour and made sure I did it.”

Ed worked for three years on his album X, during which that time he wrote over 120 songs. Sheeran says he wanted songs that were raw and honest from the heart. He wanted songs that would make you feel emotions when listening to them. Sheeran wanted to put out songs that would make his listeners laugh and cry or even “sit in a corner for five hours just repeating it,” Ed told Rollingstone. Sheeran says he knows he can’t sell albums based on his looks, and relies completely on his talent. Your female fans may disagree with you on that, Ed.

Regarding the last three years in creating X, News.com.au divulges Sheeran’s candidness, “I had the best three years of my life professionally but some of the most difficult years of my life personally and songwriting was how I got through it,” he said. Ed has a lot to offer the music industry, and as he is just getting started, we all anticipate what lies ahead for Ed Sheeran.

Photo credit: NRK P3 via photopin cc